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Richmond Way

The Richmond Way

The Richmond Way

by: John Coppack
The historic city of Lancaster, the bewitching beauty of the lower Lune Valley, the grandeur of the limestone country around the iconic mountains of Ingleborough and Whernside, the unbroken windswept moorlands and fells of the central Pennines, the magnificent countryside of the central and northern valleys of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, the historically important town of Richmond - this unique area of Northern England is the inspiration for the 60.5 mile long Richmond Way.

This guidebook provides clear, easy to follow route directions supported by 58 coloured maps dedicated to route navigation as well as practical information on facilities, such as accommodation and public transport, in the area through which the route passes. The walk can be comfortably completed in four days. Features of historical, archaeological and geographical interest along the route are highlighted and captured in 167 colour photographs. Whether you are a newcomer to long distance walking or an experienced walker looking for a new trail with interesting dimensions you will find the Richmond Way a rewarding adventure.

ISBN 9780956246806 pages 152 (2009) 132mm x 188mm

Price: 11.99