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Monarch's Way

The Monarch's Way - Book 1

The Monarch's Way - Book 1

by: Trevor Antill
The Midlands from Worcester to Stratford-upon-Avon via Boscobel (175 miles). One of the best known stories in British history is that of the escape of Charles ll after the Battle of Worcester in 1651. For six exciting weeks, and hotly pursued by the parliamentary forces under Oliver Cromwell, he travelled first north through what is now the Black Country, then south through the Cotswolds and the Mendips to the South Coast, and finally along the South Downs to Shoreham where he made his escape to France. Loyally supported by his followers, many at great risk to their own lives, he was given shelter in places both great and humble, many of which still exist today - including the famous Boscobel oak tree.

Trevor Antill has now designed this long distance walk which closely follows the route taken by Charles and enables you to visit many places, maybe only previously known to you through the history books, and also takes you through some of the finest scenery in western and southern England.
In this, the first of three books, the route follows what was probably the most hazardous part of the King's route, from the historic city of Worcester to Shakespeare's Stratford-on-Avon. The guide gives detailed route instructions together with sketch maps and facinating facts about the King's journey and the places he visited.

ISBN 9781869922528 Pages 89 (2005) 145mm x 230mm

Price: 5.95