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Macmillan Way West Walking Guidebook

Macmillan Way West Walking Guidebook

by: Macmillan Way Association
This guide describes the 102-mile Macmillan Way West; a footpath running across the west country from Castle Cary to Barnstaple. The route forms a link between the main Macmillan Way at Castle Cary and the South-West Coast National Trail at Barnstable. There is an intermediate link with the northern terminus of the South-West Coast path at Minehead.

From Castle Cary, the former home of Douglas Macmillan, the Macmillan Cancer Relief charity's founder, the path crosses lush meadowlands to Somerton and then heads across the Somerset Levels to North Petherton. From here it goes north-westward along the lovely Quantock Hills and then wends across quiet farming country to Dunster. Beyond here it crosses some of the wildest parts of magnificent Exmoor before dropping down into the deep- wooded valleys of North Devon and on to Barnstable.

The full colour guide begins with an introduction to the route giving some of the background to its creation and use, the second a detailed description of the path itself, divided into five chapters varying in length according to the appropriate stopping and starting points. There are 23 double page spreads each with inter-relating text and map. The guidebook is illustrated with a total of 50 colour photographs of the route and the comprehensive text describing the route is supported by highly detailed coloured sketch maps.

The sections are:
Castle Cary to Somerton - 11 miles
Somerton to North Petherton - 18 miles
North Petherton to Dunster - 31 miles
Dunster to Mole's Chamber - 22 miles
Mole's Chamber to Barnstaple - 20 miles

Macmillan Way West has been developed to increase public awareness of Macmillan Cancer Relief and to assist in raising funds for its vitally important work. In buying this guide and walking the route you are walking 'Across Country for Cancer Care' as the charity's waymarkers proudly proclaim along the whole course of the route.

ISBN 9780993361234 Pages 56 (2021) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 8.50