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A Boot Up Hadrian's Wall

A Boot Up Hadrian's Wall

by: Rodney Legg
Britain's Roman Wall is one of the great frontiers of the classical world. Ten circular walks are featured in this pocket-sized book, each maximising the visual experiences both of archaeology and the landscape. They vary in length from 3 to 8 miles and are aimed particularly at families and groups of friends out to enjoy the incomparable World Heritage Site. Starting locations are scattered from an abbey at Lanercost, Cumbria to a fort at South Shields, which was the main North Sea supply base. In between, across wild hill country in Northumberland National Park, surviving sections of Hadrian's Wall are packed with remains of garrisons, mile-castles, turrets and linear defences, often with their own local museums.

The book format and descriptions make for trouble-free walking with the bonus of all the history you can see being flagged-up en route. Words and photographs convey the distinctive character of each length while specially prepared mini-maps are also easy to follow. All the walks are circular and begin at a car park or safe parking location with the grid reference provided. Public transport options are given where available. The walks are graded between one and three boot symbols with three boots the hardest. The handy size of this guide also means it will slip easily into your pocket.

The walk locations are:
Lanercost and Haytongate - 5 miles
Bankshead and Wall Bowers - 4 miles
Birdoswald and Gilsland - 4 miles
Greenhead and Thirlwall - 6 miles
Carvoran and Great Chesters - 6 miles
Vindolanda and Cawfield Crags - 9 miles
Housesteads and Hotbank - 5 miles
Carrawbrough and Chesters - 8 miles
Heaven Fields and Wall - 5 miles
Arbeia and South Shields - 3 miles

ISBN 9781906887032 Pages 64 (2009) 110mm x 155mm hardback

Price: 4.99