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Birmingham Greenways Walking Map

Birmingham Greenways Walking Map

editor Roy Watson
This folded map-guide provides access to 150 miles of traffic free walking and cycling paths around Birmingham the Black Country and Solihull. The full-colour map is at a scale of 1:30000 and is highly detailed. The routes are colour-code highlighted making navigating easy. In addition, there is a Birmingham city centre plan at 1:15000 scale. The map is printed on both sides and opens up into 16 panels. It is a great resource for anyone who wishes to explore the green spaces and history of the region.

What makes this map really unique is not just the routes but the immense amount of additional information It contains about places visited by following the routes. Over 100 heritage sites and places of interest are listed. Most of the region's canals and rivers feature in the routes plus 8000 acres of parks and 90 former watermill sites. There is also a chronological list of important historical places and events, things to note as you walk through time. General tourist information includes railway stations, nature reserves, churches, pubs, shops and public toilets.

ISBN 9781908851161 Folded map (2015) folded size 140mm x 230mm

Price: 5.99