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Cateran Trail

Cateran Trail Footprint Walking Map-guide

Cateran Trail Footprint Walking Map-guide

One of 'Scotland's Great Trails', the Cateran Trail is a fully waymarked circular 64-mile (103km) route through the hills and glens of East Perthshire and Angus starting from Blairgowrie. The Trail takes you across a varied terrain of farmland, forests and moors rich in archaeology, history and myths.

Parts of the Trail follow ancient drove routes once used by the Caterans, fearsome Highland cattle thieves who swept down from the mountains to raid the pastures of Strathardle, Glenshee and Glen Isla from the Middle Ages to the 17th century and for whom the Trail is named.

This waterproof Footprint map-guide shows the entire route on one map. The route map is marked in miles starting from Blairgowrie and text describing the route accompanies each section. The detailed full colour mapping is at a scale of 1:40,000 (1.25" to 1 mile) and is based upon Ordnance Survey data and is GPS compatible. Panels around the map contain descriptions of each leg of the route plus alternative legs that can be taken rather than following the official route. Notes on the map indicate any points where careful navigation is required. The flat sheet size is 720mm x 670mm and the map is folded and supplied in a clear plastic sleeve.

ISBN 9781916002906 Map (2019) 120mm x 226mm folded

Price: 9.95