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Charnwood Forest Walkers' Map and Guide

Charnwood Forest Walkers' Map and Guide

by: Mary Spence
Charnwood Forest is Britain's unexpected upland. Having begun its journey nearly 600 million years ago in the seas of the southern hemisphere, this very special region has continued to develop rich layers of heritage. The Forest is home to some of the oldest animal fossils ever described and has quarries whose stone has shaped not only local quiet villages, but also many English cities. The landscape is defined by crag-topped hills, wooded valleys, heathlands, and grasslands.

This map is based upon Ordnance Survey open data at a scale of 1:25,000, with careful selection of information from the available data, omitting detail of little relevance to walkers. The addition of locally surveyed material shows pubs, tearooms, and permissive footpaths as well as open access areas. The result is an easy-to-read, uncluttered map showing just what walkers need to see. The map is printed on weather resistant paper and includes suggested walks.

There are many public rights of way in Charnwood Forest and numerous permissive paths, many of which are shown on this map. These routes go through and between the area's country parks, offering many opportunities for walks of varying length.

ISBN 9781739501402 (2023) Folded 134mm x 235mm opens to 7x3 panels

Price: 6.99