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Circular Walks Along the Sandstone Trail Guidebook

Circular Walks Along the Sandstone Trail Guidebook

by: Carl Rogers
The Sandstone Trail takes both its name and its theme from the rolling sandstone ridge which divides the green lowland plains of east Cheshire from the broad Dee basin to the west. The landscape along the ridge provides quite a contrast with the rest of the county; mixed woodland exists on many of the escarpment slopes too steep for agriculture and small rocky outcrops provide numerous platforms from which broad views of the surrounding lowland can be enjoyed.

This book is a complete guide to the Sandstone Trail and contains all the information you will need to enjoy this popular walking route. The guide describes thirteen linked circular walks, each of which includes a section of the Sandstone Trail, which together provide a complete north to south route description. The walks have been written with all walkers in mind; from enthusiasts looking for a testing one or two-day walk, to family groups or those who want shorter and more leisurely excursions. The book also includes an informative introduction to the Sandstone Trail including a history of the area.

The start locations for the 13 walks are:
Frodsham - 6 miles
Manley Common - 6.25 miles
Delamere Forest - 8 miles
Primrosehill Wood - 7.5 miles
Tarporley - 7.5 miles
Beeston Castle - 5.5 miles
Peckforton - 5.5 miles
Burwardsley - 5 miles
Rawhead - 5.25 miles
Hampton Heath - 5.25 miles
Malpas - 8.5 miles
Tushingham - 5.75 miles
Whitchurch - 6.25 miles

ISBN 9781902512105 Pages 93 (2018) 130mm x 210mm

Price: 7.99