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Macmillan Way

Macmillan Way

by: Macmillan Way Association
This 290 mile coast to coast long distance path has been developed to increase public awareness of Macmillan Cancer Relief and to assist in raising funds for this charitable organisation. The trail first crosses the Lincolnshire Fens and then follows, as near as possible, the course of the long oolitic limestone belt which comprises stone known as 'Cotswold' in the Cotswold area, but which runs in slightly varying forms all the way from South Yorkshire to Dorset. The Macmillan Way starts from Boston and then runs across the Fens to their western edge at Kate's Bridge near Bourne before joining the limestone belt. From here it runs to Stamford and then along the shore of Rutland Water to Oakham. It then heads south and west to Abbotsbury in Dorset, a coastal village noted for its lovely old limestone buildings.

This highly detailed full colour guide has full route details and corresponding coloured sketch maps which are easily associated with the text. The guide divides the route into nine sections, each allocated a chapter. The section starting points are Boston; Obthorpe; Oakham; Flore; Warmington; Maugersbury near Stow-on-the-Wold; Tunnel House Inn near Coates; Bradford-on-Avon; Bruton. We would recommend this route and the guide, not just because of the joy of walking this varied and rewarding route, but because by doing so you are helping a very worthy cause.

ISBN 9780952685142 Pages 127 (2003) 135mm x 213mm

Price: 9.75