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Mountain and Moorland Navigation

Mountain and Moorland Navigation

by: Kevin Walker
This substantial book gives you a concise and practical explanation of how to find your way on land. Everything you need to know is here, from map reading to navigating in poor visibility. Simple descriptions alongside clear illustrations will help you to put the author's expert advice into practice and master the knowledge and techniques needed to navigate in all conditions. The book includes practical exercises.

The book has been written in such a way that it allows you to follow a structured course of learning. It does this by comprehensively covering its subject in four main sections. Part 1 looks at maps, mapping and map interpretation, and how you can use your map to give you a detailed picture of the terrain. Part 2 is concerned with compasses and bearings and how you can use simple techniques to give you a precise measure of direction in even the thickest mist.

Part 3 examines a whole range of additional techniques that will be of particular use in poor visibility or when crossing featureless or difficult terrain, including how to estimate time and distance with great accuracy, and how to tweak your bearings to make life simple. Also discussed are the advantages and disadvantages of route cards, a look at a few difficult situations, and the thorny subject of GPS devices and smart phone apps.

Part 4 covers what the author believes to be the real core of navigation, the art of relocation, or how to work out where you are when you are 'locationally challenged'. The reason this is left to towards the end is that it relies heavily on a reasonable familiarity with all the other techniques. The chapter headings include the following:

Part 1 The Map and map reading
Types of map
Grid References
Map reading vs map interpretation
Conventional signs and scale
Setting the map
Seeing the landscape

Part 2 The Compass
Coping with poor visibility
Types of compass
Bearings - invisible lines
Putting it all together

Part 3 Additional Techniques
Estimating time and distance
More about bearings
Attack points and handrails
Improvised direction finding
Using and abusing GPS
Route selection
Difficult situations

Part 4 So you think you are lost
Keeping it short and simple
The art of relocation

Successful navigation should be simple and straightforward, and when done correctly, it will enhance the pleasure you get from the outdoors, not detract from it. Kevin Walker has been a professional mountain leader and hill guide for almost four decades and this book condenses all that knowledge and experience in a practical easy-to-understand way.

ISBN 9781906095567 Pages 204 (2016) 150mm x 210mm

Price: 14.99