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Oxford City Walks

Oxford City Walks

by: Victoria Bentata Azaz
This guide contains 15 short, fun and entertaining walks exploring Oxford and its world renowned University, museums, parks and meadows. See the city's architectural and historical treasures. Read the extraordinary tales of the amazing creativity of its citizens and academics and their accomplishments in great literature, medical developments and sport. Beyond the heart of the city, walks take you to some of Oxford's suburbs and villages such as Jericho and Wolvercote, and there's a visit to Woodstock and a circuit of the delightful parkland at Blenheim Palace.

Whether you visit Oxford regularly or are a first-time visitor, City Walks Oxford provides a new look at this charming city with unique insights and imaginative tours. Expert local guide Victoria Bentata Azaz gives you a personal tour of Oxford, with each walk packed full of intriguing tales and fascinating features including, Oxford Castle, the colleges of Oxford University and its world-class museums and libraries. Learn little-known facts and tales in an entertaining and exciting way and discover the stories and events that shaped Oxford into one of the most famous cities in England. Take this handy guide with you as you walk through Oxford and explore the off-route detours to find the most scenic or historic spots, or link two or more routes that interest you to create your own unique day out.

There are many intriguing tales and fascinating histories told in each of the fifteen walks. Each walk has a simple but clear route description and an easy-to-follow coloured map. Included are are Key features and viewpoints for each walk, statistics including distance and estimated time, numerous colour photographs and recommended refreshment stops.

The walk locations are:
The Broad to the High, University Colleges - 0.75 miles
St Aldate's to St Giles, a city built on books - 2 miles
Cornmarket to the Cherwell, commercial centre - 2.25 miles
Keble to All Souls, artists, musicians and queens - 1.25 miles
The Prison to the Pitt Rivers Museum - 1.25 miles
North Oxford, grand Houses - 2.5 miles
Oxford's West End, brewers, friars and marmalade - 2 miles
Scientific Oxford Part 1, scientists and philosophers - 1.5 miles
Scientific Oxford Part 2, Christ Church to Balliol College - 0.75 miles
The Castle to the Cemetery, medieval Jewish Quarter - 1.5 miles
Jericho and the Oxford Canal - 2.25 miles
Port Meadow and Wolvercote - 6.25 miles
The Isis and the Iffley - 3.75 miles
Headington to University Parks - 4 miles
Woodstock and Blenheim Palace - 4 miles

ISBN 9780319091173 Pages 96 (2018) 132mm x 230mm

Price: 9.95