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Sherwood Forest and the East Midlands Walks Pathfinder Guidebook

Sherwood Forest and the East Midlands Walks Pathfinder Guidebook

Revised by: Dennis and Jan Kelsall
This Pathfinder guidebook provides 175 miles of excellent walking in the gentle countryside of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire. Legendary outlaws and the ancient Major Oak feature of Sherwood, with more woodland walks in Rockingham and Charnwood Forests. Enjoy views across Rutland Water and Vale of Belvoir, battlefield heritage at Bosworth, Exquisite parkland at Clumber and Fawsley, and riverside strolls by the Trent and Nene.

Clear and easy to follow directions are accompanied by detailed Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 scale maps and specially commissioned photographs. With 28 colour-coded routes to choose from, all tried and tested by seasoned walkers and varying from extended strolls to exhilarating hikes, there is a walk to suit all situations.

The guide introduces you to the area and highlights the most scenic walks. Each walk entry begins with a box giving start, distance, height gain, time, parking and route terrain. This is followed by a short overview highlighting the routes features. The main route finding instructions have paragraphs numbered corresponding to numbers on the OS map making navigation safe and easy. There are GPS references for all the route waypoints and the route is highlighted in yellow on the map. The guide also includes information on where to park, good pubs and places of interest along the route.

The walk locations are:
Blyth - 3.25 miles
Paulersbury and Whittlewood Forest - 3.5 miles
Clumber Park - 3.5 miles
Rutland Water - 4.5 miles
Open fields of Laxton - 4.5 miles
Bottesford and the Grantham Canal - 4.75 miles
Salcey Forest - 4.75 miles
Burrough Hill Fort and the Dalby Hills - 5 miles
Three Trent Valley Villages east of Fiskerton - 5.5 miles
Southwell - 5.5 miles
Hallaton - 5.25 miles
D H Lawrence Country, Greasley - 5.5 miles
Kirby Hall and Deene Park - 5.75 miles
Oundle and the River Nene - 5.75 miles
Nene Valley Villages and Old Sulehay Forest - 6 miles
Bosworth Battlefield and Ashby Canal - 6 miles
Edwinstowe, Birklands and the Major Oak - 6.5 miles
West Leake Hills - 7 miles
Bothamsall and Conjure Alders - 8 miles
Three Leicestershire Halls, Hungarton - 7 miles
King's Cliff and Westhay Wood - 7.25 miles
Manor Hills and Welbeck Park - 8.25 miles
Foxton Locks and the Laughton Hills - 6.75 miles
Badby, Everden and Fawsley Park - 7.75 miles
Geddington Chase - 9 miles
Harlestone and the Bringtons - 10 miles
Bradgate Park and Beacon Hill - 10.25 miles
Newstead Abbey, Blidworth and Fountain Dale - 11 miles

ISBN 9780319091098 Pages 95 (2021) 132mm x 228mm

Price: 12.50