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The Walker's Handbook

The Walker's Handbook

by: Hugh Westacott
This, the fifth edition of the Walker's Handbook, is the most up-to-date, comprehensive and authoritative guide to recreational walking in the British Isles. It is the only book currently in print that in one volume covers virtually every aspect of the subject and it has an expanded list of contents and an extremely detailed index that allows the reader to home in quickly on particular details. It is unlikely that you will have a general question about walking that this book cannot answer.

There are chapters on walking etiquette, walking techniques, clothing and equipment, the topographical maps used in the British Isles, map reading and navigation techniques, the global navigation satellite system, footpath guides, safety, first-aid, the weather, hazards, mountain rescue, walking in winter, walking in England and Wales, Rights of Way and access law, Walking in Scotland, Walking in Ireland, Walking in the Isle of Man and the Channel Isles, Walking holidays, Backpacking, Challenge walks, peak-bagging, walking festivals, clubs, walking with children, letterboxing and geocaching, leading and guiding walks and walking tours.

This fifth edition has been completely re-written and updated to include the latest developments in the world of walking. It is of equal relevance to inexperienced walkers who enjoy walking in the lowland countryside, as well as providing advice and information about walking in the more demanding environments of mountain and moorland. This book should be on every walker's bookshelf as a work of reference.

ISBN 9780950369686 Pages 346 (2015) 155mm x 233mm

Price: 19.99