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Ultimate Monros Guide - Volume 5 Cairgorms North

Ultimate Monros Guide - Volume 5 Cairgorms North

by: Ralph Storer
From the pen of a dedicated Munro bagger comes 'The Ultimate Guide' to everything you've wished the other books had told you before you set off. The lowdown on the state of the path, advice on avoiding bogs and tricky situations, tip on how to determine which bump is actually the summit in misty weather. This is the only guide to the Munros you will ever need.

The comprehensive full colour guide gives detailed descriptions of all practicable ascent routes up all 18 Cairngorms North Munros and 31 Tops. Each route is described in detail and accompanied by an annotated OS map, full colour photographs with the route marked on them and sidebars on particular points of interest.

Other features of the book include:
Easy to follow quality and difficulty ratings, enabling you to choose a Munro for any level of experience.
The history of each Munro and Top from the development of Munro's Tables from 1891 onwards.
Notes on technical difficulties, foul weather concerns, winter conditions and scenery.

ISBN 9781908373649 Pages 135 (2016) 120mm x 170mm

Price: 9.95