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Walking to the Lakes of Mid and North West Wales

Walking to the Lakes of Mid and North West Wales

by: Des Marshall
There are many beautiful, often quite remote, lakes in Wales. Some are found high in the mountains making for a grand outing in wild surroundings. Others are found somewhat lower making for more leisurely walks in pastoral scenery. The walks in this book cover an area from Capel Curig in the north to Devil's Bridge in the south.

The 22 walks vary in length from 1 to 7 miles. Each walk entry begins with a short overview description giving an indication of difficulty and features plus the starting point including grid reference. Detailed route finding instructions follow in numbered paragraphs relating to numbered points on an associated sketch map. There is a summary table of the walks which gives starting place, distance, grade, time, facilities on route and any links to other walks.

The walk locations are:
Llyn Geirionydd and Llyn Crafnant - 4.75 miles
Llyn Idwal - 2.75 miles
Llynnau Cwm Silyn - 3 miles
Llyn Elsi - 2.5 miles
Llyn Cwmorthin, Llyn yr Adar, Llyn Conglog - 6.5 miles
Llyn Stwlan - 4 miles
Llyn Tanygrisiau - 3 miles
Llyn Morwynion - 2 miles
Llyn Gelli Gain - 3.5 miles
Llyn Fedw - 6 miles
Llyn morwynion, Llyn Du and Gloyw Llyn - 4.5 miles
Llyn Cwmhosan, Llyn Hywel and Llyn Perfeddau - 6 miles
Llyn Cynwch - 2.5 miles
Llynau Cregennan - 1.5 miles
Llyn Gafr and Llyn Y Gadair - 5 miles
Llyn Cau - 3.75 miles
Llyn Barfog - 2.75 miles
Llyn Pendam, Llyn Rhosgoch and Llyn Blaenmelindwr - 3.5 miles
Llyn Craigypistyll and Llyn Syfydrin - 5 miles
Llyn Llygad Rheidol - 3.5 miles
Trisant Lakes - 4.5 miles
Teifi Pools, Llyn Egnant, Llyn Hir and Llyn Teifi - 7 miles

For a map of the walk locations click on the link below the 'Add to Cart' button

ISBN 9781902302805 Pages 41 (2010) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 4.95