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Walks for all Ages in Leicestershire and Rutland Guidebook

Walks for all Ages in Leicestershire and Rutland Guidebook

by: Clive Brown
This book features 20 circular walks of up to 6 miles, suitable for all the family, that have been carefully chosen to deliver an enjoyable day or half day in the countryside. Footpaths and rights of way in Leicestershire are possibly the most comprehensively marked tracks in the country. It is unusual if a signpost does not mark where a footpath leaves a road. It is perhaps more unusual if a marker post, which has the top 12 inches painted yellow and is therefore very easily seen, does not mark a stile or other significant point where a decision about direction needs to be made

Three Iron Age forts grace the skyline in Leicestershire; Burrough Hill, south of Melton Mowbray, Beacon Hill north of Leicester and Breedon on the Hill in the north-east of the county. The National Forest had its beginnings in the last years of the 20th century. The National Forest Way is a meandering 75-mile (120km) long trail, running from Beacon Hill Country Park in Leicestershire to the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

The county has more than its fair share of reservoirs, from the enormous Rutland Water down to the smaller drinking water reservoirs like Thornton, and the reservoir at Saddington, which provides water to keep the canal at the right level between Foxton and Leicester. All of the reservoirs are now havens for wildlife.

Each walk begins with a description of the local area, followed by fully detailed route instructions. Full colour Ordnance Survey 1:25000 scale Explorer mapping supports the text and there are snippets of useful information as you go along. The book also has lots of colour photographs throughout. At the beginning of each walk practical information listed includes distance, gradient, difficulty, approximate time, number of stiles, OS Explorer map number, path description, start point grid reference, parking information, suitability for dogs and local refreshment facilities and public toilets.

The walk locations are:
Baggrave Park - 4.5 miles
Bagworth Incline - 4.75 miles
Bisbrooke and Uppingham - 2.75 miles
Bosworth Field - 6 miles
Braunston-in-Rutland - 3.75 miles
Burbage Common - 2.75 miles
Burrough Hill Fort - 3 miles
Cossington Meadows - 2.75 miles
Exton Park - 4.75 miles
Great Central - 3 miles
Holwell Mineral Line - 2.5 miles
Holygate Road - 4 miles
Ingarsby Hollow - 4.25 miles
Leicester and Swannington - 3 miles
Moira Furnace - 3.25 miles
Old Dalby Wood - 3.75 miles
Old John Tower - 3.5 miles
Rainbow Bridge - 3.25 miles
Saddington Tunnel - 4.25 miles
Sheet Hedges Wood - 3.25 miles

ISBN 9781910551134 Pages 96 (2016) 120mm x 220mm

Price: 5.99