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Walks in Hadrian's Wall Country

Walks in Hadrian's Wall Country

by: Kenneth Bunn
This is a dramatic and varied country, full of surprises for the inquisitive and a joy to walk through. Join the author in a series of eight walks as he explores the country, history and myth that surrounds this part of Northumberland.
Walk these walks through dramatic and varied landscapes, everywhere with the visual imprint of Roman Britain and other historic locations. Stand where soldiers and centurions from faraway places came to guard an Empire and build their forts and temples along The Wall.

Hadrian's Wall, one of the most recognised landscapes in Britain and since 1987, a designated World Heritage Site. Standing for almost two thousand years this structure rubs shoulders with both history and legend. Here Roman legionnaires lived, marched and fought to hold back the barbarian hordes to the north and, according to myth, King Arthur met his doom at the hands of Mordred at the Battle of Camlann.

Each walk chapter begins with a short description of the route plus practical data including distance, time, start point with grid reference and OS Explorer map sheet number. The route descriptions are clear and comprehensive with grid references given for major navigation points. Each walk has also been assigned a Ferguson Grading System rating and the book gives details of this system and how to interpret the grades. The book includes an informative introduction to the area and is illustrated with many colour photographs. The sketch maps complementing the text are fairly simple showing the main outline of the route, and we would recommend carrying the relevant OS Explorer map and a compass on these walks.

The walk locations are:
The Chollerford Triangle - 6.7 miles
Newbrough Circular - 6.6 miles
Vindolanda and The Wall - 7 miles
From Housesteads Fort - 9.7 miles
Haltwhistle Circular - 9.1 miles
Gilsland Spa and the Popping Stone - 5 miles
To Birdoswald Fort - 2.7 miles
From Lanercost Priory - 5.1 miles

ISBN 9781905444557 Pages 112 (2013) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 9.95