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Walks in and Around Dolgellau Town

Walks in and Around Dolgellau Town

by: Michael Burnett
With its back to Cadair Idris and built of stone and slate, Dollgellau faces the river Wnion, from whose main crossing, Y Bont Fawr, the town and its mountainous backdrop can be seen to perfection. Just to the east of the bridge, the town's second river, the Aran, converges with the Wnion, having fallen in leaps and bounds, from high on Cadair's ridge to the valley below.

The twenty walks in this book are designed for those who arrive by car or bus with the intention of spending a few hours on a walk, rather than a whole day. Most of the walks are between 1.5 and 4 miles in length and the longest is 5.5 miles. The routes are designed to introduce the visitor to interesting features of the town and its surrounding countryside exploring paths which unexpectedly lead to wonderful viewpoints; an old mill tucked away beside a footbridge over the river Aran barely ten minutes from the town centre; an ancient well in woods just above the Tywyn road out of Dolgellau; and historic settlement located below the cliffs of Mynydd Moel.

Each walk entry begins with a short overview description giving an indication of difficulty and features plus the starting point including grid reference and how to get there plus information on bus services. Detailed route finding instructions follow in numbered paragraphs relating to numbered points on an associated sketch map.

The walk locations are:
Dolgellau Town and Coed Aberneint - 2 miles
River Aron and Plas y Brithdir - 2.5 miles
Esgeiriau and Nant y Ceunant - 2.5 miles
Dolgellau Radio Station and Tyddyn Bach - 2 miles
Cae Clyd and Pentre Farm - 2.5 miles
Pen y Fron Serth and Trefeilla - 2.5 miles
Penmaenpool and the Cadair Idris Foothills - 5.5 miles
Mary's Well - 1.5 miles
Dolgellau's church and Two Rivers - 1.5 miles
Glyn Farm and Llwyniarth - 4 miles
Tan y Fedw and Gwernan Lake - 4.5 miles
Tabor - 4.5 miles
Graig and Llwyniarth - 4.5 miles
Rhydwen and Glyn Farm - 4.5 miles
Pen y Banc and Pandy'r Odyn - 2 miles
Pentre Farm and Cymer Abbey - 3 miles
Pandy Gader and Hafodygoeswen - 2.5 miles
Dref Gerrig and Trefeillia - 3 miles
Coed Croes and Bryn Mawr - 3 miles
Pen yr Allt and Coed Dref Gerrig - 2.5 miles

ISBN 9781908748270 Pages 43 (2015) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 4.95