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Waterside Walks in Northumberland

Waterside Walks in Northumberland

by: Stuart Miller
Northumberland offers the rambler both stretches of a spectacular shoreline and peaceful inland strolls besides rivers and lakes. The twenty circular routes in this book are between 4 and 9.5 miles in length. They take the walker beside these waterways through some of the most memorable scenery in England. Each is carefully described and includes information such as how to get to the start, where to park and where to go for refreshments. There are black and white photographs throughout illustrating some of the highlights to be seen along the way. All the walks are based on at least one pub. For greater clarity the route descriptions are divided into numbered paragraphs which correspond with numbers on the accompanying sketch maps.

You can stroll by delightful stretches of the Derwent, East Allen, South Tyne, North Tyne, Wansbeck, Rede, Coquet, Aln, Alwin, Till and Tweed rivers. There are many lakes to enjoy including Crag Lough, Greenlee Lough, Bolam Lake and impressive Kielder Water; and also superb stretches of coastline at Seaton Sluice and Almouth. Along the way there are many impressive sights to be seen including the amazing Lambley Viaduct; the charming harbour and lighthouse at Seaton Sluice; and the impressive Warkworth Castle on top of its hill overlooking the village.

The walk locations are:
Blanchland and the Derwent - 5.5 miles
Allendale and the East Allen - 5 miles
Featherstone and the South Tyne - 6 miles
Haydon Bridge and Allen Banks - 9.5 miles
Warden and the Tyne - 7 miles
Wylam and the Tyne - 7 miles
Once Brewed, Crag/Greenlee Loughs - 4.5 or 8.5 miles
Seaton Sluice and Holywell Dene - 6 miles
Morpeth and the Wansbeck - 6.5 miles
Bolam Lake - 6.5 miles
Bellingham, the Rede and North Tyne - 6.5 miles
Falstone and Kielder Water - 4, 6.5 or 8 miles
Felton, West Thirston and the Coquet - 6 miles
Warkworth and the Coquet - 4.5 miles
Alnmouth and the Aln - 4.5 miles
Alwinton and the Alwin - 7 miles
Wooler, Coldgate Burn and Carey Burn - 8.5 miles
Etal and the Till - 6.5 miles
Horncliffe and the Tweed - 5.5 miles

ISBN 9781846740749 Pages 96 (2008) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 7.99