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Will's Walks Stamford and Rutland Book 3 Guidebook

Will's Walks Stamford and Rutland Book 3 Guidebook

author: Will Hetherington
This guidebook contains 21 more rambles around Stamford and Rutland. There are endless discoveries to be made from walking this area in all seasons. Whether it's climbing a hill and enjoying the view, exploring a new village, strolling through ancient woodland, watching the stream gurgling by on a summer's day or just observing nature tickling along, it's a great big playground just waiting ti be explored.

The book is printed in full colour and each walk is presented on a two-page spread with detailed route-finding instructions, a clear sketch map and a photograph. Essential information is provided including a difficulty rating, distance, time, where to park, route highlights, and information for dog walkers. Some routes have a double two-page spread.

The walk locations are
Apethorpe - 3.5 miles
Ketton quarry and Aldgate - 2.5 miles
Oakham Canal - 1 to 4 miles
Pickworth and the Drift - 4 miles
The Chater Valley - 3.5 miles
Wansford Station, Water Newton and Sutton - 4 miles
Wilsthorpe and Braceborough - 2.25 miles
Ashley and Stoke Albany - 5 miles
Corby Glen, Burton-le-Coggles and Swayfield - 5 miles
Brooke, Egleton and Gunthorpe - 5.5 miles
Helpston - 5.25 miles
Laxton Hall and Blatherwycke - 4.5 miles
Stamford and the Welland Loop - 5.5 miles
Tugby and Rolleston - 4.5 miles
Belton-in-Rutland - 6.75 miles
Braunston-in-Rutland - 6 miles
Castle Bytham and Clipsham - 6.5 miles
Duddington and Ketton - 6.25 miles
Stamford, Tolethorpe, Ryhall and Belmsthorpe - 7 miles
Warmington and Ashton Wold - 9 miles
Wymondham - 6.5 miles

ISBN 9781838212421 Pages 66 (2022) 173mm x 238mm

Price: 9.95