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Northumberland - Park Rangers Favourite Walks

Northumberland - Park Rangers Favourite Walks

This full colour walking guidebook contains 20 of the best routes chosen and written by Northumberland National Park Rangers. The walks, ranging from 1.5 to 6 miles, provide walks suitable for all abilities. There are detailed descriptions for each walk with highlighted maps and superb accompanying photographs. The book also includes an introductory chapter providing general information about the National Park along with walking and safety tips.

Each of the walks is introduced with a simple locator map followed by a brief description of the area, its geography and history and some notes on things you will encounter on your walk. Near the start of each walk chapter there is a panel giving distance, time and briefly describing the path conditions, and starting grid reference. The major part of each chapter is taken up with a large-scale map and a detailed point by point description of the route along with navigational tips.

The walk locations are:
Alwinton and the River Alwin - 5 miles
Barrowburn family walk - 5 miles
Cawfields Quarry - 3.5 miles
Cochrane Pike - 4.5 miles
Drake Stone and Harbottle - 5 miles
Elsdon and the Todholes - 2.5 miles
Greenhaugh and Thorneyburn - 2.5 miles
Hareshaw Linn - 3 miles
Harthope Valley - 4 miles
Hethpool Wild Goat walk - 2 miles
Winshield Crags and Cawfield - 6 miles
Lordenshaws - 3 miles
Reaveley Farm family stroll - 2.5 miles
Ring Chesters - 5 miles
Rothbury Riverside - 1.5 miles
Sycamore Gap and the Crag Lough - 4 miles
Falstone - 2 miles
Simonside Hills - 4.5 miles
Thirlwall Castle - 2 miles
Yeavering Bell - 3.5 miles

ISBN 9780008462710 Pages 128 (2022) 125mm x 180mm

Price: 6.99