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St Cuthbert's Way

St. Cuthbert's Way - Harvey Map

St. Cuthbert's Way - Harvey Map

Around AD664 St. Cuthbert is reputed to have walked from Melrose to Holy Island, a total of 62 miles through the breathtaking landscape of the Scottish Borders and Northumbria. St. Cuthbert's Way is a record of this ancient route, allowing walkers to follow in the saint's footsteps a section at a time, or follow the entire route on a magical week's walking holiday. The route passes through a wide variety of landscapes, rolling farmland, verdant river valleys, sheltering woods, bleak and exposed hill tops and moorland, coastal flats and sand dunes, and the causeway to Holy Island, only passable at low tide.
This full colour map, at a scale of 1:40,000, provides precise route detail and, together with a compass, will ensure easy and reliable navigation. It also includes and introduction to the route, practical information, and can be used with a GPS receiver.
ISBN 9781851374748 folded (2003)

Price: 7.95