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Upper Wensleydale - Short Scenic Walks Guidebook

Upper Wensleydale - Short Scenic Walks Guidebook

by: Paul Hannon
This full colour pocket-sized guide is your passport to 20 classic walks through superb surroundings in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, starting from villages such as Aysgarth, Hawes, Askrigg and West Burton.

All the walks are less than 5 miles, making a perfect half day's stroll for families, casual walkers and everybody who simply wants to enjoy a leisurely exploration of some of Britain's outstanding country landscapes. Each route is described in detail including starting point grid references, but route maps are not included. OS Explorer map sheet OL30 covers all the walks. There is a colour photograph on each double-sided walk page plus a location map.

The walk locations are:
Wether Fell from Fleet Moss - 4 miles
Aysgill Force from Hawes - 3.5 miles
Gayle and Burtersett from Hawes - 3.25 miles
Hardraw Force from Hawes - 4.5 miles
High Clint from Hardraw - 4.75 miles
Around Yarburgh from Burtesett - 3.5 miles
Cam High Road from Semerwater - 4 miles
Semerwater circuit - 4 miles
River Bain from Bainbridge - 4.25 miles
Under Addlebrough from Bainbridge - 4.5 miles
Whitfield Gill from Bainbridge - 4.5 miles
Nappa Hall from Askrigg - 3.5 miles
the Ure to Woodhall from Aysgarth - 3.75 miles
Aysgarth Falls - 4 miles
Bishopdale villages from Aysgarth - 4.75 miles
Ivy Scar from Carperby - 4.5 miles
Bolton Castle from Carperby - 4.75 miles
Templars' Chapel from West Burton - 4.5 miles
Thoresby landscapes from Castle Bolton - 4 miles
Preston-under-Scar from Redmire - 4 miles

ISBN 9781870141987 Pages 48 (2010) 105mm x 148mm

Price: 3.99