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Walking Close to the Isle of Ely Guidebook

Walking Close to the Isle of Ely Guidebook

by: Clive Brown
One of a range of 'no frills' local walking guide booklets which admirably achieve their objective of getting you out in the countryside amongst beautiful scenery on carefully chosen routes full of interest. The directions are simple and detailed and include clear pencil drawn sketch maps.

This guide describes twelve varied and interesting circular routes in the countryside close to the city of Ely. The distances vary between 4 and 7 miles, except for one walk of just under 2 miles. The name Ely is thought to derive from the Saxon Elig or Elyg meaning Eel Island, indicating the plentiful supply of eels to be caught close to the city. Oliver Cromwell lived in the house in the city that is now a museum and tourist information centre.

The walk locations are:
Ely and Cawdle Fen - 6.5 miles
Soham and Soham Lode - 7 miles
Haddenham Pastures - 5.5 miles
Witchford and Grunty Fen - 6.25 miles
Stretham and Stretham Old Engine - 6.5 miles
Ely and Roswell Pits -5.25 miles
Pymoor and Ouse Washes - 5.75 miles
Aldreth - 4.25 miles
Prickwillow and Quanea Hill - 5.5 miles
Wicken Fen, Wicken and Upware - 4.5 miles
Mepal and Brick Lane - 1.75 miles
Mepal, Wardy Hill and Jerusalem Drove - 4.75 miles

ISBN 9781907669675 Pages 24 (2012 reprinted 2021) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 2.40