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Wharfedale and Ilkley Short Scenic Walks

Wharfedale and Ilkley Short Scenic Walks

by: Paul Hannon
This colourful pocket-sized guide is your passport to 30 great walks in the countryside of the Yorkshire Dales, within the National Park and around Ilkley. Starting from villages such as Grassington, Kettlewell, Arncliffe and Burnsall, you can explore the delights of Appletreewick, Littondale, Ilkley Moor, Trollers Gill and Bolton Abbey. Walks are no more than 5 miles in length, offering a perfect half day's stroll for families, casual walkers and all who want to enjoy a leisurely exploration of Yorkshire's outstanding country landscapes.

Each walk entry begins with a panel giving distance, start location grid reference and nearest post code, where to park and OS Explorer map sheet number. There are detailed navigation instructions but only a very simple overview map.

The walk locations are:
Langstrothdale from Yockenthwaite - 3.5 miles
Hubberholme and Cray from Buckden - 5 miles
Starbotton from Kettlewell - 4.5 miles
Dowber Gill from Kettlewell - 3.75 miles
Upper Littondale from Halton Gill - 4.5 miles
Heart of Littondale from Arncliffe - 4.75 miles
Conistone Dib from Conistone - 3 miles
Grass Wood from Grassington - 4.5 miles
Bare House from Grassington - 4.75 miles
Grassington Moor from Yarnbury - 4.5 miles
Hebden Gill from Hebden - 3.5 miles
Around Threshfield from Linton - 4.5 miles
Thorpe in the Hollow from Burnsall -3.5 miles
Wharfe below Burnsall from Burnsall - 4.5 miles
Around Appletreewick - 3.75 miles
Trollers Gill from Skyreholme - 3.5 miles
Around Barden - 4 miles
Barden Moor from Halton Moor - 3.5 miles
Strid Wood from Bolton Abbey - 3.75 miles
Valley of Desolation from Bolton Abbey - 4.5 miles
Bolton Abbey - 4 miles
Around Beamsley from Hazlewood - 4.25 miles
Beamsley Beacon from Langbar - 4 miles
Wharfe at Addingham - 4.75 miles
Austby and Nesfield from Ilkley - 4.75 miles
Windgate Nick from Ilkley - 4.25 miles
Around Denton from Ilkley - 4.75 miles
Ilkley Moor from Ilkley - 4.5 miles
Cow and Calf Rocks from Ilkley - 4.75 miles
Grimwith Reservoir - 4.25 miles

ISBN 9781907626241 Pages 64 (2020) 105mm x 148mm

Price: 4.99